Forest Protection

There are factors that can do extremely severe harm in a short time period.

Forest fires belong to these factors, representing a very serious and always topical social, economic and environmental problem. Forest fires turn entire regions into wasteland, destroy the living environment and do massive damage to the population. The foresters of SE "Srbijašume", as true nature guards, among other activities, carry out forest protection measures against fire. In forest fire protection it is important to accomplish three objectives: forest fire prevention, fast fire detection and fast fire suppression. SE "Srbijašume" successfully fulfills these objective through its efficient organization of forest fire protection.

The statistics show an alarming fact that man is the causative agent in more than 95% of forest fires. Carelessness and inattention potentially cause fire! Thus the message of SE "Srbijašume": THINK IN TIME!

Pick up your cigarette stubs, put out barbecue fire, and don't leave any embers!

Allow other visitors to enjoy the forest after you.

It takes many years for the forest to regenerate.

Forest Protection Against Illegal Appropriation and Utilization

Through everyday work, foresters put their knowledge and effort into forest protection against the impact of numerous harmful factors. Forest guarding implies the protection of state-owned forests and forest land against illegal appropriation and utilization, the protection of forests and forest facilities against fire and other illegal activities, as well as the protection of wild game and hunting facilities in hunting grounds and all other property managed by SE "Srbijašume". Forest guarding is organized in forest estates, i.e. forest administrations, grounds and areas.

Foresters, who are constant forest guard, also do a lot of concrete activities when illegal harvesting is concerned. Forest guard represents the official of the SE "Srbijašume" and Republic of Serbia, as well.

SE "Srbijašume", in accordance with the Forest Law, conducts measures and activities with the aim of preventing, repressing and eliminating of consequences due to harmful effects caused by plant diseases, insects, rodents, wild game, man, fire, natural disasters and other biotic and abiotic factors.