Nature Protection

Conservation, protection, enhancement, promotion and sustainable development of protected areas are priority activities of the SE "Srbijasume".

SE "Srbijasume" as the largest Serbian manger of protected areas is obliged to ensure the implementation of protection regimes, control their observance by all users, harmonize planning documents (plans, programs and base) with the act on the protection and improve the management of protected areas that are entrusted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, City of Belgrade and local governments.

Adoption of prescribed programs and planning documents, their professional and social certification, realisation of financing system, providing skilled personnel and well-trained security services are essential matters for effective implementation of protection, development and sustainable use of protected areas. Possibility of using Budget of the Republic of Serbia funds for the protection and development of protected areas is the most important issue for the activities.

Achievement of objectives in the field of protection and management of protected areas requires constant training and education of employees working on nature conservation, as well as the promotion of cooperation with the competent Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia and other scientific and research organizations.