Seeds and Seedlings

Forest seed production includes the collection and processing of seeds. The collection is carried out at registered seed facilities, while seed processing and storage is carried out at the Forest Seed Center in Požega, where seeds of various species of conifers and broadleaves can be obtained, as well as empty cones of conifer species used for decorative purposes.

In the nurseries of SE “Srbijašume”, forest plant material of broadleaves, conifersand forest fruit trees of different species, types and ages are produced.

The most common are planting materials of the following broadleaf species: beech, sycamore maple, common ash, narrow-leaved ash, pedunculate oak, sessile oak, Hungarian oak, red oak, black locust,birch, linden/lime, Norway maple, poplars I-214 and M1.

Of the coniferous species, the most common planting materials include as follows: spruce, black pine, Scots pine, Douglas fir, Serbian spruce, fir, cedar and larch, while the most common planting materials of forest fruit trees are: wild cherry, black walnut, domestic walnut, Turkish hazel, sweet chestnut, crab apple, wild pear, wild service/chequer, rowan/mountain ash, service tree/sorb tree.

In addition to the production of forest planting material, the Enterprisequite successfully produces horticultural planting material of various species of broadleaves and conifers, as well as evergreen and deciduous shrubs, creepers and hedges. Horticultural planting material is mostly used for landscaping in urban areas. The nurseries that have fully established themselves in the production of decorative planting material are located in Belgrade (Topčider, Sremčica, Ripanj, Zuce, Аvala), Požega (nursery Požega) and Boljevcu (nursery Selište).