Fishing Area “Lepterija – Sokograd“

The area of ​​”Lepterija – Sokograd” covers the territory of the municipality of Sokobanja with a surface area of ​​345.33 ha.

“Lepterija – Sokograd” Fishing Area has been established on the Moravica River, within the boundaries of the Landscape of Outstanding Features “Lepterija – Sokograd”. Part of the  Moravica course, which is within the boundaries of the above Landscape, belongs to the lower salmonid area. The presence of 3 fish species has been reported, the predominant ones being the schneider/spirlin (Alburnoides bipunctatus) and Danube barbel (Barbus balcanicus), whereby the latter is more important in terms of fishing.

All forms of fishing are prohibited on the Moravica River within the boundaries of the Lepterija – Sokograd Fishing Area.