Organizational Structure

There are three levels in the organizational structure of State Enterprise “Srbijašume”:

  • General Directorate of SE “Srbijašume”, headquartered in Belgrade;
  • Enterprise parts: 17 Forest Estates, Bureau for Planning & Design in Forestry, and Protection Workshop;
  • Work units: 67 Forest Administrations and 15 other work units.

General Directorate deals with strategic affairs, which include the development of Enterprise policy, as well as the development of the Annual Operational Program, Annual Forest Management Plan and Annual Financial Statement.

Forest Estates are formed at the level of forest areas and represent profit centers; their organizational structure is made up of services. Forest Estates are managed by Estate Directors.

Forest Administrations administrations are the basic units of planning and organization of forest management activities. The lowest organizational units are forest districts (’revirs’) and,  within them, there are forest ranges.

In addition to Forest Estates, there are also Enterprise parts: Bureau for Planning & Design in Forestry, and Protection Workshop.

Enterprise Organizational Structure