Fishing Area “Stara Planina“

The boundaries of “Stara Planina” Fishing Area coincide with the boundaries of “Stara Planina” Nature Park. The main fishing waters of this fishing area belong to the Timok and South Morava basins. The main fishing water belonging to the Timok basin is the Crnovrška River with the Golema River as its largest tributary. The South Morava basin includes the Toplodolska and Visočica river basins.

The ichthyofauna of “Stara Planina” Fishing Area is represented by 26 species, with the entire Stara Planina area being salmonid. The largest number of cyprinid species (mainly introduced by restocking) inhabit Zavoj Lake and lower courses of larger rivers.

In “Stara planina” Fishing Area recreational fishing is carried out.

Special fish habitats are individual fishing waters or parts thereof that are relevant to the biological needs of the fish (spawning, wintering, growth, nutrition and movement/migration). In visible and properly marked special fish habitats any form of fishing is prohibited, as well as any other activities that interfere with the spawning, development and movement of fish.