Certified Wild Forest Honey

State Enterprise for Forest Management “Srbijašume” Belgrade aims at forest resources management in a responsible and sustainable manner, by improving working methods and increasing responsibility. Through such an approach, the above management is eco-friendly, socially equitable and economically profitable.

In order to successfully implement the given approach, forests are certificated according to the requirements of FSC™ standards (Forest Stewardship Council™).

In addition to timber certification, certain non-timber forest products are also planned to be certified and adequately labelled to provetheir origin from forests that are managed responsibly.

Honey as a non-timber forest product has already been successfully certified, both in accordance with FSC™ standards and the law of the Republic of Serbia.

The honey is produced in the Forest Estate “Šuma” Leskovac, Forest Administration Predejane.

Contact Phone No.: +381 16 3406 124; +381 16 243 034

E-mail: sgleskovac@srbijasume.rs