About Us

State Enterprise “Srbijašume” manages state forests and forest lands on a surface area of ​​892,707 ha and carries out professional-advisory service activities in private forests (forests owned by natural/legal persons) on an area of ​​1,222,960 ha.

The Enterprise started operating on October 1st, 1991, in accordance with the Law on Forests,  aiming at managing forests, protected natural assets and hunting grounds integrally and according to the principles of sustainable forestry and profitability, along with increasing forest cover and improving the existing forestry fund of the Republic of Serbia.

The Enterprise carries out both its public and business mission through 20 Enterprise parts (18 Forest Estates (FE), Bureau for Planning and Design in Forestry, and Other Forestry Products&Services, Belgrade). It is composed of 69 Forest Administrations (FA) and 20 Work Units (WU).

  • The Enterprise manages 892,707 ha of state forests and forest lands.
  • The Enterprise carries out professional-advisory service activities on 1,222,960 ha of private forests – forests owned by natural/legal persons.
  • In accordance with the Law on Nature Protection, the Enterprise manages 56 protected areas on an area of ​​371,274 ha.
  • The Enterprise manages 27 hunting grounds on a total of 272,070 ha.
  • The Enterprise manages the following fishing areas: Belgrade Fishing Area, Mlava Fishing Area​​, Danube Fishing Area and fishing areas within protected areas.

Basic Data for SE “Srbijašume” for Year 2024

1. Total surface area – wooded & unwooded (ha) 892.707,39
2. Forest area – wooded land (ha) 775.474,31
3. Total timber volume (m3) 135.776.878,7
4. Average timber volume (m3/ha) 175,1
5. Total volume increment (m3) 3.486.512,6
6. Average volume increment (m3/ha) 4,5
7. Planned yield – 10 yrs. (m3) 21.938.625,4
8. Planning of timber volume production (m3) 1.625.630
9. Professional-advisory service activities in forests owned by natural/legal persons (ha) 1.222.960