Fishing Area “Zlatibor“

“Zlatibor“ Fishing Area consists of fishing waters, watercourses or parts of watercourses as follows: the rivers Uvac, Rzav, Crni Rzav, Dobroselička, Ribnica, Katušnica. In addition to the aforementioned watercourses or parts thereof, within the fishing area there is an artificial reservoir  – “Ribnica” (“Ribnica Lake”), as well as other waters of smaller capacity within the boundaries of “Zlatibor“ Nature Park.

One part of the waters of the fishing area belongs to the West Morava basin, and the other to the Drina basin. Generally, all waters of the fishing area belong to the Black Sea Basin.

The most important fishing waters of the area (entire river courses or parts thereof) are: the rivers Uvac (part of the course), Rzav (part of the course), Black Rzav, Ribnica and Katušnica. In addition to the rivers, the reservoir “Ribnica Lake” is of special importance for recreational fishing, where the presence of eleven fish species has been recorded.

The waters of the fishing area are used for recreational fishing.

Recreational boat fishing at Ribnica reservoir is not allowed.