Workplace Health and Safety

Health and safety at work of all Enterprise staff, as well as of contractors performing activities in the production of wood assortments (felling, processing, phases of transportation I and II), construction of forest roads, and cultivation and protection of forests is an essential part of the Enterprise business operations. Forestry activity requires a constant commitment and support to creating safe working conditions both by the Enterprise management and the contractor companies. It should be emphasized that the contractors are a very important segment in the operations of SE “Srbijašume”, and therefore it is of utmost importance that their safety always comes first.

The aim of all measures taken by the Enterprise in the field of workplace health and safety is to provide such working conditions which, to the greatest extent possible, reduce occupational injury and illness and prevent work-related diseases. In this way, the prerequisite for full physical, psychological and social well-being is created – to get people back to their homes after work without any injury.

By identifying the significance of health and safety at work, SE “Srbijašume” has obligated the Directors of Forest Estates that all the employees and contractors carrying out operations on forest utilization are to be kept informed about it.