Fishing Area “Belgrade”

Fishing Area “Belgrade” has been established on the fishing waters of:

the Sava River from 49 rkm to the confluence with the Danube, the Danube from Stari Banovci at 1,187 rkm to Veliko selo at 1,150 rkm of the river course, basic and detailed channel network of the “Pančevacki Rit” agricultural hydraulic system, basic and detailed channel network of the “Galovica” agricultural hydraulic system from the confluence with the Sava to the 23 rkm of the course, other tributaries of the said rivers and other natural or artificial fishing waters that are within the boundaries of the fishing area, except for fishing waters within the boundaries of the protected areas.

The fishing waters of the fishing area are characterized by a diversity of fish fauna and a high level of autochthony. Of the 58 species that inhabit the waters of the area, 11 species are allochthonous, 47 species are indigenous, and the presence of 14 strictly protected fish species has been recorded.

Fishing area “Belgrade” is used for both recreational and commercial fishing.

On the Danube and Sava Rivers, boat fishing is permitted except under the Pančevo Bridge and 100 m upstream and downstream from the bridge pillars.