Fishing Area “Danube”

Fishing Area “Danube“ has been established on the fishing waters of :

the Danube from the border of “Đerdap” National Park (940 rkm) to the confluence with the Timok (845 rkm) and all other tributaries of the said river, and other natural or artificial fishing waters within the boundaries of the fishing area, except for fishing waters within the boundaries of protected areas.

“Danube“ Fishing Area covers the territories of the municipalities of Kladovo, Negotin and Bor. This fishing area is used for commercial and recreational fishing, namely, the Danube fishing waters are used for both commercial and recreational fishing, and other fishing waters for recreational fishing only.

SE “Srbijašume”, through the Forestry Estate “Timočke šume” – Boljevac, as the user of fishing waters of the “Danube“ Fishing Area, has undertaken the obligation to control, protect and sustainably use the fish stocks.

Major fishing waters of the area are:

  • the Danube River (940 – 845 rkm) with tributaries; on the part of the Danube between the two dams (Đerdap I and Đerdap II) the water flow becomes slower and represents a large man-made reservoir; the part of the Danube below the Đerdap II Dam has the rheophilic characteristics of the middle course of the Danube;
  • Bor Lake with tributaries and
  • the Zlotska River.

The main feature of the ichthyofauna of the “Danube” Fishing Area is its high diversity and high level of autochthony.