Fishing Area “Sićevo Gorge“

Sićevo Gorge has been put under protection as a natural asset of great importance and classified as the Nature Park “Sićevo Gorge” into the second protection category.

The boundaries of the Sićevo Gorge Nature Park coincide with the boundaries of the Sićevo Gorge Fishing Area, i. e., they comprise a part of the middle course of the Nišava River in the length of about 15 km, which is characterized by a relatively fast water flow, stony and rocky bottom, with riverbed width of up to 18 m.

In the Nišava River within the “Sićevo Gorge” Nature Park, the presence of 6 fish species has been registered, with the dominant ones being: the Danube barbel (Barbus balcanicus), chub and schneider/spirlin (Alburnoides bipunctatus). In December 2012, the presence of the Macedonian trout (Salmo macedonicus) was recorded for the first time.

The waters of the Sićevo Gorge Fishing Area are used for recreational fishing.