Automated production of container seedlings

Nurseries “Barje” (FE Pirot) and “Požega” (FE Užice) dispose of the most up-to-date lines for automated production of containerized hard- and softwood tree seedlings. The establishment of the production process (seed sowing) of conifer seedlings is fully automated, since the line is made up of a machine for washing and disinfecting the containers, a mixer for the preparation of the optimal substrate mixture, container chargers, a precision seeder, and covers for the containers and conveyor belts coordinating the whole process. Unlike conifers, the establishment of the production process of broadleaf seedlings, on the line located in the Požega Nursery, is partially automated, because seed sowing is done manually due to seed size.

The current maximum production capacity of container seedlings, in one turn, is about 1,000,000 pieces. In the future, with additional investments, primarily in containers and container frames, a significant increase in production capacity of containerized conifer and broadleaf seedlings is expected, all with the use of automated lines for this type of production.