Enterprise Mission & Vision

Enterprise Mission

In an organizational and business sense,  State Enterprise “Srbijašume” has a double function:

  • a public mission that is reflected in its obligation to cultivate, protect and improve the condition of state forests by sustainable forest management, as well as all multiple-benefit forest functions, with whose management and utilization it has been entrusted by the Forest Law;
  • an economic function that relates to its obligation to achieve positive financial results and provide conditions for the the public mission to be accomplished through its business operations.

Enterprise mission includes the following activities:

  • protection and development of forest ecosystems;
  • improvement of the multiple-benefit forest functions;
  • management of protected natural assets;
  • provision of expert assistance for improving the condition of private forest owners;
  • preservation and improvement of the fauna in forest ecosystems;
  • protection and breeding of game animals;
  • sustainable use of the fish fund;
  • raising new forests on state lands and providing expert assistance for afforestation of private lands;
  • protection of forests against plant diseases, pests, fire and unlawful appropriation and use;
  • monitoring the global process of forest dieback within the existing obligations towards the European Union;
  • infrastructure works – construction and maintenance of forest roads in the function of raising new forests and their protection and
  • development and improvement of rural areas.

Enterprise Vision

State Enterprise “Srbijašume” is developing towards a profitable and respectable company for forest resources management, basing its business on the principles of sustainable management.

In its business, State Enterprise “Srbijašume” tends to meet all the requirements arising from the fact that forest area resources are conditionally renewable natural resources and a common good, which must be managed by respecting the principles of sustainability and sustainable management, while preserving and improving all common functions.