Wood Assortment

The forest as a traditional source of raw material, in conditions of faster draining of numerous economic resources in the world, is gaining evermore importance.

The production of wood assortments has a considerable advantage when compared to the production of other materials because it does not cause environment pollution with low energy consumption for acquiring sawnwood; the tree is a forest product which is renewable, so the existence of forest and wood production affects the living environment in a positive way.

SE “Srbijašume” strives to achieve optimum forest cover with the aim of maximum wood production (20,000 various kinds of wooden products) and other forest products, it also strives to achieve objectives concerning the forest and the living environment.

The product range – wood assortments of SE “Srbijašume” – includes: roundwood, logs (classified according to classes and adequate diametres, as weel as to purpose) of different decidious kinds (especially beech, oak, poplar, domestic poplar, willow) and conifers (fir-spruce, scots pine, black pine), pitprops, small roundwood, poles, round legs for roof construction, etc.

Cordwood consists of technical round sticks and cleft short logs (beech, oak, other hard and soft broadleaves and conifers), puplwood and board wood (hard and soft broadleaves and conifers), hard and soft broadleaved and coniferous fuelwood adequately classified.