Fishing Area “Jerma“

“Jerma” Fishing Area has been established within the boundaries of “Jerma” Special Nature Reserve and consists of fishing waters of the Jerma River and small tributary streams such as: Zvonački, Kusovranski and Poganovski. Rivers and streams are of ritron type (mainly middle and upper ritron), with a transitional salmonid-cyprinid zone. Fish fauna is represented by 9 species of ichthyofauna, with the whole area of ​​Jerma being salmonid.

“Jerma” Fishing Area is located on the territory of the municipalities of Babušnica, Dimitrovgrad and Pirot.

Recreational fishing is carried out in this fishing area.

In visible and properly marked special fish habitats any form of fishing is prohibited, as well as any other activities that interfere with the spawning, development and movement of fish.