Fishing Area “Jelašnica Gorge“

A part of the Jelašnica Gorge area has been put under protection as a natural asset of exceptional significance and classified into the first protection category as the Special Nature Reserve “Jelašnica Gorge”.

Jelašnica Gorge is part of the Jelašnica River valley created by intense vertical cutting of its water flow into the limestone rock mass on the western slopes of Suva Planina (Dry Mountain). “Jelašnica Gorge” Special Reserve is located in the Nišava Administrative District, in the territory of the Municipality of Niš, between the villages Jelašnica (north) and Čukljenik (south), i. e., cadastral municipalities of Jelašnica and Čukljenik.

The boundaries of “Jelašnica Gorge” Fishing Area coincide with the boundaries of the “Jelašnica Gorge” Special Nature Reserve, and the boundary line is formed merely by the course of the Jelašnica River.

The above river is a small watercourse, with very little water during the summer and autumn, of a torrential character. There are no strong springs or permanent tributaries in the gorge area. The two left tributaries are also weak, periodical, and torrential.

Due to low water capacity and protection of the first degree in the wider area, all kinds of fishing are prohibited on the Jelašnica River.