Fishing Area “Lazar’s Canyon“

“Lazar’s Canyon“ Fishing Area has been established on the Lazar River, within the boundaries of the “Lazar’s Canyon“ Natural Monument.

The hydrological regime of the above river is reflected by the occurrence of watercourses that have different functioning modes on their longitudinal profile (permanent, periodic, intermittent), the occurrence of karst aquifers and groundwater movement over large distances, as well as the phenomenon of groundwater leakage.

A short steady flow of the Lazar River does not favor the formation of stable populations of fish species. The Lazar River ecosystem, due to its natural characteristics, is very poor in fish and has no fishing significance. A measure of total fishing ban has been implemented within the boundaries of the “Lazar’s Canyon“ Fishing Area for preventive protection on the Lazar River.

Fishing on the Lazar’s River is not allowed.