Protection Workshop & Workplace Safety

Protection Workshop & Workplace Safety

Njegoševa 44, Belgrade

Tel. No.: +381 11 245 44 68, 245 30 71, 245 31 48


Director: Nenad Premović, BSc of economy

Protection Workshop & Workplace Safety was established in 1997, as part of the Enterprise with the aim to make it possible forworkers with disabilities to work in special plants and perform tasks that are not harmful to their health.This was also aimed at the creation of one, primarily market-oriented part of the Enterprise to deal with the sales of forest wood assortments from the production programs of all the forest estates.

The wood assortments traffic includes purchase of wood assortments from the forest owners, which areintended mainly for processing, but also for export, alldepending on their quality. These are, first of all, hardwoodlogs (oak, beech, ash, wild cherry, walnut) and firewood.