Production of Planting Material

The production of planting material at SE “Srbijašume“ is carried out in 26 nurseries evenly distributed throughout the territory of the Republic of Serbia at different altitudes from 70 m to 1,250 m. Of these, in 6 nurseries only horticultural planting material is produced, while in the remaining 20 nurseries, exclusively or primarily, forest planting material is produced. The total surface area of the nurseries is about 200 ha, of which the productive area is about 100 ha.

The production technology for forest planting material used in the above nurseries can be divided into:

  • production of bare-root seedlings and
  • production of coated-root seedlings.

The production of seedlings with bare roots is done in classic and so-called ’Dunemann beds’, while for the production of seedlings with coated roots containers types Hiko, Yukosad, Pirosad and Plantagrah 1 & 2 are used.

The volume of production of forest planting material averages between 7,000,000 and 10,000,000 pieces of seedlings per year.

All planting material produced in the nurseries of SE “Srbijašume” is subject to regular production control and health checks twice a year. Also, the seedlings produced in our nurseries are FSC certified.