Cooperation Agreement Signed between SE “Srbijašume” and Association of Pensioners of Serbia

Acting director of SE “Srbijašume” Igor Braunović and president of the Association of Pensioners of Serbia prof. dr. Andreja Savić signed the Cooperation Agreement between SE “Srbijašume” and the Association of Pensioners of Serbia, the latter of which represents the interests of 169 associations of pensioners from the municipalities, cities and provinces. The Agreement was signed at the “Košutnjak” Business Club on April 11th, 2023.

Taking into account the current energy and economic situation, and being socially responsible, the State Enterprise for Forest Management “Srbijašume”, with this Agreement, shall define the conditions for firewood supply, which shall subsequently improve the position and standard of living of our eldest fellow citizens.

During the signing of the Agreement, Igor Braunović said: “We will try to respond as soon as possible, as we have succeeded in the previous years, to all the requests, at least as far as pensioners, disabled people and war veterans are concerned.”

He pointed out that the price of firewood on the forest-truck road for citizens this year too would be set at RSD 5,269.00 including VAT. The SE “Srbijašume’s” acting director also referred to the artificial crisis created the previous year and added that the beginning of autumn had already shown that there had been sufficient quantities of firewood.

“There will be enough firewood for the pellet factories as well”, acting director Braunović emphasized and added: “The weather is on our side; April has started a bit badly, but the first three months have been among the strongest in terms of production since the establishment of the State Enterprise “Srbijašume”.

On this occasion, acting director of SE “Srbijašume” Igor Braunović asked the citizens not to fall for provocations because firewood would continue to be available at any time and at their convenience. He promised them that they could be at ease and that they could register at all the forest estates across Serbia; he concluded that there was no reason at all for any firewood shortages, nor for the firewood to be as expensive as last year.