Renovated Forest House on Ravna Gora

Memorial complex “Ravna Gora“ is located on the plateau of the same name which stretches on the western and southwestern slopes of Mt. Suvobor in Western Serbia. Within this complex, there is a forest house built in the 1950s, which used to be the only long-time landmark of this historic place. On the initiative of acting director of SE “Srbijašume“, Mr.  Igor Braunović, last year it was decided that the forest house belonging to SE “Srbijašume“ would be renewed and modernized. During the summer, the reconstruction project was prepared, and then the renovation work on the facility was carried out. The Forest House on Ravna Gora was completely reconstructed and officially opened on May 11th, 2023.

Hundreds of employees from SE “Srbijašume“ had gathered for that special occasion, and Igor Braunović addressed them by saying the following: “ I am proud that, after so many decades, we have succeeded to renovate something that was left to suffer the wear and tear of time. I am also proud of all of you from “Srbijašume“, as we are a people’s enterprise that has always stood by its people and its country. The time of division is over. We must protect our country, there are not many of us for any divisions. Thank you for taking care of your country and your people, I am proud of you all and always will be. Cheers! Long live Serbia!“