SE “Srbijašume” Marked the World Clean Air Day with a Large-Scale Afforestation Activity

On the occasion of marking the World Clean Air Day, SE “Srbijašume” organized a large afforestation activity in all Forest Estates on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

The World Clean Air Day is celebrated on November 3rd around the world with various activities and events. Due to industrial development and excessive emission of harmful substances to the atmosphere, over 90 percent of the world’s population is exposed to polluted air.

This year too, as a socially responsible enterprise that manages the largest area under forests and forest land in the Republic of Serbia, SE “Srbijašume” has joined the fight for cleaner air with a large planting activity across the country. The central afforestation activity was organized in Košutnjak, where thirty seedlings of common ash, sycamore maple and Norway maple were planted by the employees with the help of interested citizens and random passers-by.

On the occasion of marking the World Clean Air Day, Acting Director of SE “Srbijašume” Igor Braunović said: “To us, Serbian foresters, advocates of nature and healthy living and, above all, clean air, every day is action day, not just this one. As the widely quoted verse from Jovan Jovanović Zmaj’s poem says: “Wherever you find a proper place, plant a tree! And the tree is noble, so it will reward you.” We do everything we can to be the best protectors of nature, to serve everyone as an example and role model. In the jubilee year, we also give special importance to the ecological function and environmental protection, because forests are producers of clean air and a greater good of general life interest.”