Appeal: Forest Fire Risk!

During the upcoming Easter and May Day Holidays, a large number of our fellow citizens will be spending their free time in nature.
For that reason, we are about to face a risky period due to the appearance of forest fires, which are caused by human negligence
in over 95% of cases.


In this regard, SE “Srbijašume” has strengthened control over the implementation of preventive measures to protect forests from fire
and uses the opportunity to appeal to the citizens:

– NOT to light fires near the forest or in the forest!

– NOT to throw cigarette butts and flammable materials in places where a fire can be caused!

– NOT to leave behind firesunextinguished after picnicking and NOTto leave behind any garbage, which is to be disposed in cans and bags!!

– NOT to burn weeds, plant materials or other types of materials on agricultural plots, in orchards and areas near the forest!

Let’s protect the lungs of our Serbia!!!