Seminar on Coppice Forest Management

In the period April 25th - 28th 2017, a seminar on forest management was held in four locations - FE "South Kučaj" (MU "Čestobrodica"), FE "Toplica" (MUs "Vidojević" and "Pasjača"), FE "Beograd" (MU "Lipovica") and PE "Šume Goč" (MU "Vrnjačka Banja"), covering the topic of "Silvicultural and Economic Effects of Tree Marking and Felling Performed on Sample Plots in Coppice Forests".

The seminar, which represents the next-to-final activity within the project "Program of Measures and Activities for Improving the Condition of Beech and Oak Forests in the Republic of Serbia", was attended by 160 forestry engineers from SE "Srbijašume" and PE "Šume Goč", as well as by representatives of the Forest Directorate (Republic Forestry Inspection) and the Faculty/School of Forestry. The seminar was attended by at least one district (“revir”) engineer, one silviculture officer and one forest management planning officer from each forest estate. The lecturers at the seminar were Prof. Eduard Hochbichler from BOKU University in Vienna, Zoran Trailović (B.Sc. in For.) and Božidar Milovanović (Project Manager).

As a follow-up activity of the seminar on tree marking in beech and oak forests organized in October 2016, the marking of trees for felling was carried out on a total of 25 sample plots. During next winter, in February and March 2017, the harvest followed and then, in April, the results were presented to the seminar participants, who significantly contributed to perceiving the problems in the management of coppice forests.

The overall impression of the seminar participants is that the presented results of the above project have been so far among the most relevant and most applicable for operational work and practice at SE "Srbijašume".