SE "Srbijašume" has an annual average production of net wood assortments of ca. 1.1 million m3, out of which timber makes 430,000 m3, and cordwood - 646,000 m3.

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Technical Wood

The product range - wood assortments of SE "Srbijašume" - includes: roundwood, logs (classified according to classes and adequate diametres, as weel as to purpose) of different decidious kinds (especially beech, oak, poplar, domestic poplar, willow) and conifers (fir-spruce, scots pine, black pine), pitprops, small roundwood, poles, round legs for roof construction, etc.


Cordwood consists of technical round sticks and cleft short logs (beech, oak, other hard and soft broadleaves and conifers), puplwood and board wood (hard and soft broadleaves and conifers), hard and soft broadleaved and coniferous fuelwood adequately classified.

Secondary Forest Products

The Serbian strategy of integral management of forests and forest areas is based on sustainable development. SE "Srbijašume" is putting maximum efforts into accomplishing its vision: to live with and for nature, and continuous forestry activities are in the interest of all citizens.

With time, cities are constantly spreading and the living environment of urban communities is unsatisfactory. In order to enable people to eat healthy food and use medicinal plants with extra beneficial effects on human organism, foresters protect wild plants in forests and fields of our distinguished nature. There are certain plant species that have become really valued for their healing properties and necessary in every household.

Serbian forests also dispose of an abundance of edible mushrooms. SE "Srbijašume" collects and packages medicinal and other plants which grow wild, whose processing implies methods to keep all of their natural properties.

Nowadays medicinal plants also represent the main raw material for pharmaceutical production carried out through special technological processes, without which medical treatment would be hard to imagine. Our folk medicine has always relied upon medicinal plants.