Parks, Urban Forest Complexes

SE "Srbijašume" designs parks and maintains suburban forests.

Urban living conditions are a synonym for air pollution and environmental pollution in general. For this reason, the role of Forest Estate "Belgrade" as part of SE "Srbijašume" is significant, keeping in mind that among its activities are maintaining of urban forest complexes and (re)constructing of parks and other green surfaces. Through carrying out this kind of work, SE "Srbijašume" directly improves the quality of the living environment in urban spaces.

Belgrade has eleven forest picnic areas and sixty-six parks.

The lungs of Belgrade, the forest picnic areas, cover around 3,800 ha. They supply Belgrade with oxygen, bind carbon dioxide and pollutant particles, alleviate climate oscillations, protect the soil from wind and water, stimulate the production of medicinal plants, nectar, forest fruits and mushrooms.

Maintaining of the forest complex, grass surfaces and arranging of parks and forest picnic areas are included in everyday work at the Forest Estate "Belgrade" Belgrade.

A large number of outdoor wooden structures and accessories, erected sports grounds and vast lawns edged by forests represent an exceptional potential for visitors seeking rest and relaxation.

All areas are enriched with a large number of wooden structures and accessories for rest and relaxation, also from the Enterprise's own range, along with the construction of sports tracks and paths, as well as the installation of drinking-fountains, all with the recreational-health function of regenerating psychophysical abilities in children and adults.

An integral part of SE "Srbijašume" is also the Forest Estate "Užice" and its Work Unit "Wood Processing". The core activity of this Work Unit is the production and installation of wood accessories (tables and benches for gardens and parks, flower pots and boxes, seesaws, swings, fences, information board) but it is primarily known for pine roundwood production. Roundwood is obtained from the processing of thin pine provided by thinning cuts and is manufactured in diameters from 6 cm to 20 cm. It has great practical value because it can be used for the manufacture of wooden products, as well as semi-round wood for coating of buildings or the construction of wooden buildings.

Work Unit "Wood Processing" disposes of two workshops, the first of which is situated in Kremna, 35 km away from Užice, in the direction to Višegrad, and the second one is situated in Kaona, 18 km away from Kosjerić, on the road to Valjevo. Roundwood production is located in Kremna which is surrounded by pine forests, meaning that there is a solid raw material base for this kind of wood processing. Taking into account that material obtained from thinning cuts is used for the production, it positively affects silviculture as thinning represents one of the aspects of forest care.

The Kaona workshop has had a long tradition in raising and equipping of green surfaces and manufacturing of accessories for children and adults. The wood accessories produced in Kaona give a special quality to the park area furnishing as they are used for active holiday and recreation. Swings, seesaws, climbing structures and other equipment indispensable in equipping kindergartens, parks and other spaces for children to play. The product range also offers other accessories and equipment items for parks, such as benches, tables, canopies, flower pots, garbage cans and fences. In addition to furnishing public spaces, these products can be used for private gardens, arboreta, restaurants, hotels and the like.

For all the products there is an offer of wood finishes/coatings in different colours, whereby environmentally friendly water-based coatings are highly recommended.

We are proud to state to be the FSCTM Certificate Holder - Certification SGS-FM/COC-007100, which proves our products to be made of wood originating from forests that are managed in a sustainable way.

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