Seminar on Coppice Forest Management - Phase II

Following the successful implementation of the project "Program of Measures and Activities for Improving the Condition of Beech and Oak Forests in the Republic of Serbia - Phase I" during 2016 and in the first half of 2017, a project continuation - Phase II - has been signed by the SE Srbijašume and the Forest Directorate, involving forestry engineers from NP "Djerdap", NP "Fruška Gora", PE "Vojvodinašume", PE "Vojvodinavode", PE "Srbijavode", private forestry companies and private forest owners.

Within the project frame, seminars on coppice forest management were held in three locations (Nov 23 – "Djerdap" National Park, Nov 24 – "Fruška Gora" National Park and Nov 25 - "Monastery Forests" in Čokešina. The seminars analyzed the situation, in a silvicultural and economic sense, after the completed tree marking and cutting (thinnings and seed cuttings) on a total of 18 sample plots.

Lecturers in the seminars: Prof. Dr. Eduard Hochbichler, Radivoje Kaurin and Zoran Trailović.