A meeting held with contractors on forest uses

The management of SE “Srbijašume”, headed by Acting Director Igor Braunović, held a meeting with Forestry Contractors on the premises of the National Assembly of Serbia on November 1st, 2022.

At the meeting, the previous cooperation between SE “Srbijašume” and the Forestry Contractors was analyzed, and ways to improve further cooperation in the coming period were agreed upon.

One of the main demands of the above Contractors was to help them get incentives for the purchase of modern machines and new work equipment, which would enable them to further their technological development, and thus gain the same status as farmers in the Republic of Serbia and their colleagues in the region.

Since most Contractors come from rural areas, working with new equipment, modern machines and further technological development in the matter of performing forestry works would have a positive influence on young people to become interested in such jobs, which would also enable them to stay living and working in their homeland.

Acting Director of SE “Srbijašume” Igor Braunović made a promise that he would discuss this topic with relevant ministries and the Government of the Republic of Serbia and suggested that meetings of this type be held regularly in the future.