Sustainable Forest Management

The forest is a renewable resource which can be utilized in different ways, depending on the habitat condition and developmental phase.

In the last three centuries, forests have been managed based on the principle of continuous productivity (maintaining of balance between productivity and forest increment). The principle of continuous productivity represents the first defined attitude towards using of natural resources in general and the first significant contribution to the enhancement of the living environment. From the principle of continuous productivity, the modern principle of sustainable development has been derived.

The main objective of forest and wooded land management in forest areas of the Republic of Serbia is permanent, sustaiable forest management. It requires the following: long-term planning, rational utilization, work on tending, protecting and renewing of existing forests, raising of new forests, etc. For the accomplishment of permanently sustainable forest management the following are necessary: highly professional work, preservation of biodiversity, maintaining of, increase in productivity and maintenance of forest vitality, close-to-nature management, socially responsible conduct, satisfaction of needs of present and future generations and taking positive political decisions.

Forest Management Planning

"Forest resources and forest lands should be sustainably managed to meet the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual human needs of present and future generations." (Agenda 21)

Plan Documents in forestry are:

  1. Forestry Development Programme on the territory of the Republic of Serbia - strategic document which affirms the directions of forest and forestry development with an action plan for their realization,
  2. Forest Area Development Plan,
  3. Forest Management Plan,
  4. Forest Management Programme,
  5. Annual Forest Management Plan,
  6. Forest Management Execution Project,
  7. Other Forest Products Utilization Project,
  8. Other Forest Functions Project.